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Hakim & Ashley Gonzalez

Our story is no fairytale, professionally nor personally. Hakim and I met during my teen years and started a family before I was old enough to buy alcohol. As you could imagine, the beginning years were very trying for us, so to have endured all of those trials & tribulations without any rich parents or entrepreneurial mentors in the family was no walk in the park.

We made MANY mistakes along our journey to now, where we have combined forces to maintain 3 six-figure businesses and our only hope is to save you from the same bumps that almost derailed us.

Whether you are a new business owner looking to get your very first clients in the door, or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to start scaling so you can have more freedom of time, we have done it ourselves and helped hundreds of others do the same! It is a real passion of ours to make business simplified for those who do not have access to the same privileges as others, we hope to see you at one of the many events we will be hosted at around the country.

"Your struggles are actually
your superpower."

"Your business can only as be
as strong as you are."

"Community leads to conversions."

"People centered business beats profit driven company everyday."

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