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About Us

A chicano husband & wife owned and operated company, humble beginnings and underpriveleged upbringings shape the way we run our business today.

Lashes is simply a catalyst for greater change in our eyes. Many minority cultures do not always encourage nor support the idea of investment into entrepreneurial dreams and favor more "stable/secure" career paths. Our mission is to showcase the freedom one can have when taking charge of their own life and path.

We are all about helping others create legacies that they grew up unaware they were capable of, with top of the line tools and education. Let us help you take that side hustle and turn it into a success story, like ours.

Why our products?

Health & Safety

Our top priority is ALWAYS with you and your clients safety in mind. We are majorly involved in researching the grade of chemicals used as well as regarding the conditions in which our tools & products are manufactured in.

Hand-Test Guaranteed

We will never sell a sub-par product simply to make a quick buck, quality control is next up on the chain of importance for us. This means we personally test each tweezer and inspect other items thoroughly before shipping.

Partner with Change

Aside from great quality and reliability, our main priority is to challenge the way society sees minorities in business. It is our dream to inspire others to follow their passions and build the life of their dreams.

Lash Trays

Wide range of lash fibers, curls, diameters & lengths making it effortless to create unique sets everyday.


Beauty and Medical grade lash glues for all and all artists.
Low fumes, oil resistant and amazing retention.


Top of the line, hand crafted stainless steel tools.
Hand tested by professional lash artists.

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Call or Text us anytime: (805) 253-7397
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We are always open to feedback that can help us grow and it is our pleasure to respond to questions quickly.

-Ashley and Hakim