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Retention Bundle

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Your new favorite trio when the weather in your area is dry and windy. These 3 products used together during a lash service will save not only your clients retention but their comfort. 

3 essentials for long lasting extensions:


1. Squeaky clean lashes for the adhesive to bond to, thoroughly cleansed with a lash extension specific foaming solution that matches our clients PH balance of their eyes for ultimate comfort. Our Foaming Botanical Cleanser is the best on the market, it has a plant based formula that is soft on the tender eye tissue and tough on eye makeup, oils, sweat and tears. Best when used with our fluffy / cleansing brush. 

2.  Adhesive that works great* for your temperature and humidity in your specific work environment. Using a glue that likes a 60-70 humidity level in dry weather (40% humidity or lower) will cause a poor bond and irritation to the client, since the fumes will be highly present if there isn’t enough moisture to cure them. Our Como La Flor adhesive is a 1-2 second curing adhesive that works best in a lower humidity; unlike most glues that require high levels of moisture. And our Black Cap adhesive is a favorite because it is super flexible in all environments, but it does prefer a more hydrated environment. 

3. Completely cured bond to ensure ultimate contact area and no slipping or swiping from glue that didn’t dry entirely. Our Bonita Bonder is made specifically to cure the adhesive immediately all the way through the inner layers. This swift polymerization process ensures that the client will have no redness and can wash lashes/ get wet right away without any wait time, also makes the cured adhesive MUCH more flexible, all aiding in extended retention.  At the end of the service, after waiting for 3-5 minutes after lash application, use a generous amount of primer on a microwand or microbrushsaturate the base of the lash where the adhesive bonds the natural and synthetic lash.

With this combo, watch your clients come back with significantly more lashes at their next appointment. 
Work smarter, not harder. Thank us layer 

When you purchase these 3 items together, you save 10% automatically. 
*Adhesive included will vary on inventory availability