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Cashmere Plush Lash Collection

Cashmere Plush Lash Collection

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Our Cashmere Plush volume lash collection is FINALLY here in 0.03 diameter and .05 thickness for both CC and D curls. This new line of lashes is designed to be buttery flexible and easily spreading fans making these fluffy matte lashes a dream to work with especially for artists who prefer the pinch method and flower bouquet technique. This thickness allows artists to effortlessly create dense and feathery mega volume lash looks. 

The new custom designed sticky strip on these trays gives these lashes completely residue-free bases so when you pick the lashes up they have loose bases which allow for perfect pinching which gives that flawless narrow base we all strive for. 

These 0.03 & 0.05 cashmere lashes are the best for dark mega volume because both mixed trays and our  single length trays have 20 rows of lashes in each tray. That is nearly double the amount of lashes that standard 12 row trays most brands on the market have. 

If you use the pinching technique, flower bouquet or flowering cup method to create your mega volume lash looks, you will love these as this line of lashes feature a much  more dark black matte and tapered look compared to our Signature Silk Lash line that we started out with in 2020. Their pitch black flat-matte finish guarantees dark mega volume lash sets. 

As always this new line of synthetic lashes are always cruelty free, we labeled them the Cashmere Plush collection simple because they mimick the soft / plushness of cashmere wool, without any animal harm whatsoever because these are made 100% of synthetic PBT fiber. 

If you loved the sturdiness and consistent curl of our OG Signature like but struggled to use pinching technique with them, these are going to be your best friend. All the same quality and reliability with upgraded features to help our pinching babes out.

Mixed Tray Lengths have a total of 20 rows of lengths 9-16mm
Long mixed trays have a total of 20 rows of lengths 16-20mm

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