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Signature Silk Volume Lash Trays

Signature Silk Volume Lash Trays

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Our updated Volume Lash trays are the same high quality PBT fiber and reliable curl / darkness as our customers have come to love, but now with a upgraded layout.

The dense, short tapered Satin Faux Silk material works like a dream when creating volume lash fans using the shimmy, rolling and lonely fan techniques. Our unique sticky strip is a special blend created to make the fanning a cinch.

Curls in CC and D are the most consistent and long lasting that you will find on the market, with a rich dark color and slightly tapered tips for a full and firm fullness every time.

You can expect no difference in the materials or strip but with extra features to help organize your tiles and never get confused about which curl or diameter you are using during a service. 

These new trays have all the information you need directly on the trays to indicate which diameter, curl and length the strip has. 

Each tray has at least 16 rows of lashes per tray, and our new Mega Mixed trays have 20 rows of long length lashes.

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